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Ingwani Chipetiwa Group of Lawyers (ICG) is a cutting edge multi-disciplinary legal practice with innovative and unique legal and business solutions as part of its foundation. We have a strong focus in Mining and Energy law, Corporate law, Property law and Commercial law as well as a keen interest in family law drawing skill and knowledge from legal practitioners with expertise and passion in these areas of law.

The firm is an amalgamation of the old and the new in that it embraces the counsel of the years and the useful traditional values that are tried and tested and at the same time ushers in new, innovative and energetic ways of providing legal service through its vibrant team. The firm offers local and global legal solutions from grass roots to, to conglomerates and its services transcend boarders.

We are members of the Law Society of Zimbabwe and our team currently comprises of two (2) partners and vibrant team of legal associates as well as a dedicated team of supporting employees.  

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